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September 13, 2007 / Mridul

Blair’s gone, Abe’s gone, Howard’s falling – Why not Bush ?

Blair went, John Howards ratings dropped & now Shinzo Abe has resigned. The reasons are different & diverse in each case but the one common thing due to which these men had to go through tough times in their political careers was supporting the Iraq war.

Initially the parliaments of Britain, Australia & Japan gave approval to their leaders to support the war on Iraq but as the time passed & the lies were uncovered about the basis of the war the public who elected these leaders started questioning their decisions. The decision to go to war & its subsequent handling played an important role in the exit of Tony Blair. John Howards’ political career has been plagued by the talks of his resignation. Like in Blair’s case, his own cabinet members want him to go. The support to America cost Abe his job. Apart from numerous scandals it was Abe’s adamant resolve to provide resources (to fight war on terror) to USA that contributed to the development of circumstances which led to his resignation.

Blair’s own party members starting opposing him accusing him of blindly following Bush & pushing Britain into an unnecessary war. He lost popularity among the general public, his party lost seats in elections. Although Abe’s exit can be attributed to many reasons but one of them was that he continued to support America. After the exit of Junichiro Koizumi the Japanese people had expected their new Prime Minister to get the country out of the unpopular war but since they didn’t see the that happening Abe’s popularity dropped to under 30%. He was already under pressure due to the series of scandals involving members of his cabinet & his obstinate attitude towards his decision to provide support to the American Armed forces worked like a catalyst in his fall.

Most have gone or forced to leave expect the man who is actually responsible for all this. He lied about the intelligence about the WMDs, his administration officials (particularly Secretary of Defense) miscalculated the dangers the military might face & now he is continuing that war against the general consent. And upon that he’s now (allegedly) planning to attack Iran.

Just like Abe, Bush’s party too faced defeat in the mid-term polls & lost the control of the Congress. Just like Blair, Bush’s own party members are opposing his policies & many want him to draw a time table fro withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. Bush also had his share of scandals & controversial bills. The wire tapping bill, Alberto Gonzales case & the Scooter Libby case are just a few to name. Bush’s approval ratings too are at a record low & aren’t much different from those of Shinzo Abe.

I don’t see Democrats making any significant difference, but I do see everybody people saying that Bush’s policies are wrong & that he should be impeached along with his deputy Dick Cheney. The thing that I’m unable to understand is that how can the general public re-elect the man who made wrong policies & decisions & how could the Congress keep supporting his policies even when it seems clear that he got it completely wrong – and not just on one ground.

Bush asked the Congress for its approval for going to war & the Congress obliged, the people gave him another chance but now the people aren’t happy with him so it seems absolutely fair that he resigns without facing more criticism.

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