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July 29, 2007 / Mridul

Iraq War: Has America Compromised Its Security For Oil & Israel?

Most people would agree that there were much better ways to tackle the ‘Iraq Problem’ and I believe the same. But I don’t believe that the Bush administration has learned anything from their experience in Iraq. Nonetheless it would be in US’ own interest if they don’t repeat their mistakes as far as the Iran issue goes.

It’s strange how easily (in comparison to US’s ‘endeavor’ to solve the Iraq crisis) the European Union tackled Libya & worked out a compromise whereby both the parties got somewhat equal benefits. Libya had acquired the nuclear technology which could have given them a nuclear warhead in a matter of few years. The EU offered Libya incentives which were vital for sanctions stricken country & they got a positive result in matter of few months.

One would argue that Muammar Gaddafi was much easier to deal with as compared to Saddam Hussein but USA & its allies could certainly have done better with some more diplomacy. But may be Bush noticed that there wasn’t oil to be had in Libya so he wasn’t much interested in any ‘adventures’ there.

Same was the case with North Korea. The Communist nation had apparently acquired the missile technology by which it could have hit America’s west coast but still North Korea was ‘overlooked’ and Iraq was attacked although it hadn’t had tested any missiles for quite a few years (no doubt Saddam had missiles that could have reached Israel). It is another thing that Bush couldn’t have attacked North Korea even if he had wanted to since China & Russia would have objected to any military action in their ‘backyard’.

But Iraq was a ‘natural’ target – having world’s third largest oil reserves & a major Arab power against Israel. The reasons were strong & the prize of a then looking sure short victory were more than excellent. Dossiers with fake intelligence were made – one even saying that Saddam could get his missiles ready in 45 minutes to attack Israel. Countries with dubious past records relating to terrorism (Pakistan & Saudi Arabia) were made allies and Iraq was prioritized over the war against Taliban & Al Qaida in Afghanistan.

Things didn’t go as planned in Iraq. Al Qaida, who wouldn’t have dared to step in Iraq has Saddam been the in charge, are now running the ‘show’, filling minds & hearts of people with hatred & abhorrence for their own fellow citizens. US military is suffering more than it has since the Vietnam War. But still Congress is happily financing the war thinking that the oil would come soon & a victory would silent the enemies of Israel.

America has put itself in a very difficult state wherein neither can it leave Iraq nor is it finding any headway in suppressing the growing violence. A troop withdrawal now would be an even harder blow for the already weakened image of America and it would lose any hope of getting a part of Iraq’s vast oil reserves add to it the danger of the militants getting control over the oil fields driving oil prices to unbelievable levels. Not to mention the view shared by many analysts that the overall terror threat has greatly increased.

Maybe in the coming years Bush would look back & realize his mistake of the way in which he tackled Iraq but I think that would be expecting a bit too much from him.


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