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July 24, 2007 / Mridul

Congress & Voters Slept While Bush Destroyed America

No offence but it has been four years since the start of one of the most unpopular wars in the history & still nothing has changed. Initially there were thousands opposing the war but as the time went by the number grew to millions. Now almost the whole nation is opposed to the war but still nothing is being done to undo one of the biggest & bloodiest mistakes in US history.

George W. Bush fooled every one, be it his fellow citizens who had trusted their commander-in-chief or the allies who saw him as a friend. Bush & his administration told lies upon lies to make up a false case against Iraq by accusing it of sponsoring terrorism against the United States. Bush talked of Iraq’s Liberation but today Iraq is being plagued by the presence of militants that countries like Syria & Saudi Arabia are sending in to attack the US army.

Had Saddam been in power today we would have never allowed any insurgents coming from Saudi Arabia or Syria to step into his country with Iranian weapons in hand & spreading terrorism. There are more militants in Iraq now than they were before & now Iraq is a bigger threat to US interests than ever before. Earlier there was a man who was feared by all but now that Saddam has gone and the efforts of the US government to bring peace & order to the region have failed, the insurgents have cast the web of terror over Iraq which has engulfed the Americans as well.

But Bush isn’t the only one to be blame. This all could have been stopped four years back when Bush was preparing the false case against Iraq branding it as the home of international terrorism. Osama Bin Laden is currently sitting thousands of miles away on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border but still there are more American troops in Iraq than in Afghanistan.

Four years back there was a sudden change in American policy, bringing Laden to justice became secondary to the invasion of Iraq – nobody stopped him. The Congress happily funded the war (& is still doing it) dreaming about the billions of gallons of oil & seeing USA emerging as a major power in the Middle East which would have been beneficial to Israel as well.

America trusted this man not once but twice but I still fail to see the basis of this trust. The man never got in the first place – nobody cared to speak (the result of which the world is witnessing). But the surprise of the century was the re-election. It is completely beyond the understanding of a human mind why would the American people vote for Bush. It is astonishing that Bush actually won the second election even though millions opposed his policies. I would certainly want to know the reasons on basis of which people voted for Bush.

In every debate, the candidates talk about getting the troops out & ending the war but what have they done in the last four years. Nobody did anything to stop Bush from going to war or taking irrational decisions. How can a president justify important decisions like going to war by saying that God came to his dream telling him he was doing the right thing. If this is the way Bush takes decisions we should pray that he never sleeps because it would be disastrous for the whole world if Bush gets a dream of ‘his’ god telling him to nuke Russia.

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  1. ScooterAl / Oct 9 2008 4:44 pm

    Bush destroyed America!!

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