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July 18, 2007 / Mridul

We Must Stop Burning Our Future

Oil & gas aren’t our future but the way we use them will certainly play a major role in determining our future. Our over dependence on oil & gas as fuels could ultimately play a catastrophic part in decline of the peace around the world.

Recent studies show that there would be a major shortage of oil and the prices could rise to agonizingly high levels. Even the oil producing companies acknowledge that the world will need to develop all the supplement sources of energy it can to meet the soaring demand. And we should do that not only for energy security but for our own security as well.

The major source of energy driving hundreds of economies & billions of lives should not be concentrate in the hands of a few. That applies especially when many nations with huge oil reserves may have suspicious objectives to fulfill national interests. The world should act now to reduce the monopoly of oil producing nations so that no nation could get an unfair leverage over the rate at which world’s economies grow in the future.

A classic case of what our future could be holding for us came up as Russia and Georgia & Ukraine argued over the gas pricing. Georgia, through which pass the pipelines providing gas supplies to Europe, was punished by Russia for its westward leaning. Georgia ultimately had to give in & had to agree to the high gas prices. There isn’t any guarantee that this won’t happen again. With Russia opposing the US missile shield being installed over Europe, it would certainly use the energy levers to apply pressure on EU not allow USA to deploy the shield.

We should try to move towards energy sources which are equally available to all. Adopting solar energy, wind energy or hydro energy would prevent nations from monopolizing the energy flow.

Concentration of vital energy sources in hands of only a few nations would lead to widespread favourism, corruption & hatred among developing economies. Our over dependence on oil & gas must end to preserve peace and humanity in the world. We would be sowing seeds of a catastrophic war if we don’t reduce our over dependence on oil & favouring nations with huge oil reserves.


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