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July 16, 2007 / Mridul

Hurray! Celebrating 10 Years Of Blogging

It has been ten years since the revolution of the Blogs started. But the blogosphere never seemed that old, always bubbling with the newest & the most interesting of the ideas. Although blogs (as we know them) are a decade old but still Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize it and pops up with many strange substitutes to replace it. I think the old boy (Microsoft) should fast catch up with the blogosphere’s terminology.

Although there were ‘proto-blogs’ even before Dec. 23, 1997, which is regarded by most as the point of emergence of the blog, but the real blogging as we see it now effectively began when common people like you, me & many others decided to voice their opinions through the Internet, share their views and get to interact with people over issues relating from politics, national security and sex scandals to climate change, sex and celebrities.

It was a proto blog by the Drudge Report which spilled beans in the Monica Lewinsky affair, an incident which resulted in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. It is interesting to note that Newsweek had dropped the story at the last minute but caught the eye of the popular news site.

Blog has turned into a tool for the common man to fight the injustice of the government. In India, students protested the acquittal of an accused who was let off by the courts because the police (under pressure from highly placed officials) tampered with the evidence. The pressure from the public forced the government to reopen the case, justice was delivered & the accused is now behind the bars. The students, apart from making public demonstrations, used blogs as a tool to put spread awareness and put pressure on the government.

Blogs have provided an opportunity to the common people to voice their concerns about government policies and anyone can propose alterations in those policies. People are not happy with US Vice President Dick Cheney and the web is literally filled with blogs & sites asking for support to impeach him – that’s the real power of the blog; keeping the politicians on their feet, reminding them continuously that every move of theirs is watched & scrutinized by the general public.

While for some blogging is an opportunity for making money, for others it is a fun tool just for announcing to the world who they are & how they are enjoying their lives. Technorati tracks more than 70 million blogs and according to some estimates 120,000 blogs are added everyday (1.4 blogs every second).

Blogging could mean different things to different people but the reason I love it is because there is no one big or small in the blogospdruhere, everybody gets a fair chance to express his/her views. I think blogging is one of the best things that happened in the last century. No one has the exact idea how the blogosphere will transform in the coming years but I surely want to be part of it.



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