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July 1, 2007 / Mridul

It’s Payback Time For Bush

Tony Blair has resigned and now he’s off to the Middle East, hopefully to solve the Israel-Palestine issue. Blair was successful in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and he seems to be the right person to find a way out to improve the ever degrading situation.

Blair ended up getting this job due to his allegiance to President Bush. The ‘Bush Affect’ earned him foes in his own party; popularity rating dropped, questions were asked not just about his decision to take Britain to war but also domestic issues like health care.

Blair who was once called the ‘new face’ of Britain now carried a tarnished one himself. Blair represented the new & young of Britain when he came to office ten years ago. But it’s astonishing how one decision can blemish one’s legacy. Bush asked for support and Blair obliged not knowing where this ‘friendship’ would take him.

Now it’s Blair time. Blair has always wanted and worked for solving the Middle East Crisis and bringing peace to the region and its people. He was one of the first leaders to propose the two-state solution. Blair has shown that he has the will & the patience to work out peace when the world has lost hope & most leaders try to avoid the hard work.

Tony Blair will do any thing & everything to bring peace to the Middle East so that he could make a name for himself in history. He would certainly see this as an opportunity to cleanse his tarnished image. For this he would demand complete support from President Bush and it would be difficult for Bush to say no to him since Blair gave him full support in the War against Terrorism.

Blair might even force the President to rethink his policies and go slow as far as sanctions on the Palestinian people are concerned. Blair has made it clear that for him the common people come first and that he wants the people of both sides to feels safe & secure.

Bush made Blair change his policies and it would be interesting to see if Blair succeeds in doing the same to Bush. The positive thing for Bush, however, is that he has no legacy to be proud of or to work upon so no risk of it being tarnished.


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