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June 11, 2007 / Mridul

iPhone Could Help Apple Fight Windows

Apple’s iPhone could become a marketing tool for the company’s other product, Mac OS. Since the phone has a version of the Mac is presents a relatively cheaper option to the user to get an experience of the Mac.

Apple says the operating system it’s putting into the phone is more advanced and robust than the Windows Mobile Edition. According to Apple’s iPhone ad:

All the power and sophistication of the world’s most advanced operating system — OS X — is now available on a small, handheld device that gives you access to true desktop-class applications and software, including rich HTML email, full-featured web browsing, and applications such as widgets, Safari, calendar, text messaging, Notes, and Address Book. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background. This software completely redefines what you can do with a mobile phone.

iPhone would be the perfect platform for Apple to exhibit its new Mac OS and target the vast majority of the Windows users around the world. The Windows Mobile Edition has now grown old, although the company has come up with the newest version but the OS still fails to provide the customer with something which could excite him.

Also a majority of the phones which have Windows are ‘Business Phones’- targeted to the executive class – these phones give a very formal look to the user. But more than 50% of the customers are young people like high school or college students. iPhone will attract these very customers.

The iPhone could be Apple’s new tool to counter the massive presence of Microsoft in the operating system market.


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