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May 20, 2007 / Mridul

A Mandatory Psychological Examination Of US Presidential Candidates

It was first recommended by the personal physician of President Reagan. He argued that the person who is going to acquire an office of such immense power & responsibility should undergo test which could give the voters an idea about his/her mental health; this way the voters would be in a better position to make a sound decision.

Needed is a test which could give the voters an idea about the way of thinking of the candidate and how he/she would make the right decisions under pressure conditions.

Since a US President has to take tough decisions which affect not only the US citizens but also the people worldwide, it becomes all the more important to make sure that the person who is virtually going to call the shots is in a good & health state of mind.

Had the US voters had this tool at their disposal, the world would certainly have saved itself from the two disastrous presidential terms of Mr. Bush. It is so astonishing to see that how one person (Mr. Bush) can make so many mistakes and then shamelessly & carelessly repeat them. Just to name a few mistakes of his:

  • Unable to prevent the 9/11 attacks even after getting intelligence inputs about the same at least a month earlier.
  • The intelligence failure relating to the Iraq war & using CIA officials to make a false case for war.
  • Mind washing the UN General Assembly & going to war without the consent of the UN Security Council.
  • Inability to catch Osama Bin Laden even after spending millions of dollars in his pursuit.
  • Unnecessarily putting the lives of American soldiers at risk in Iraq.
  • Ruining the present & future of Iraq & its people.
  • Illegally running an eavesdropping program without the knowledge of the US citizens.
  • Mishandling of the relief & rescue efforts related to Hurricane Katrina.

The list is virtually endless and there is every possibility that Mr. Bush will add some more of his heroics to this list. The inability of a President to make sound decisions and to learn from his past mistakes should certainly prompt the US Congress to make some amendments in the procedure of electing a US President.


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