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May 13, 2007 / Mridul

Musharraf’s Fall Could Mean Taliban’s Rise

More people are now taking the judiciary’s side in its tussle with President Musharraf. In the latest battle for democracy in Pakistan, the judiciary or the common man could be left behind
while the hard liners or the so-called Pakistani Taliban may take the charge.

The situation is now almost perfect for Taliban to step in and use the common masses against the government. With Taliban having a strong say in the governance of at least one state (NWFP), they would certainly like to grab this opportunity and spread their influence to the rest of Pakistan.

With the public rising against their leader and looking for a change in the government, there has be a sudden change in the moods of the common man. The Pakistani people now seem to have had enough of the suppression.

Frequently attacked media establishments, over spending on defence while neglecting important issues like education & health care, pumping money into terrorism & allowing American bases on the Pakistani soil are some of the boiling issues in the minds of the young Pakistanis. They have seen the Musharraf government succumb to American pressure. The people are angry and how.

It is this anger that the anti-social elements will be looking to tap into and use it to their advantage. The situation in Pakistan is very complicated, the people are opposing the current leader but the country doesn’t have any alternative to Musharraf.

Conditions in Pakistan are now signalling that a coup is just waiting to happen which is not at all surprising in a country which knows transition of power only through non-democratic ways. But its very important that this time Pakistan gets a strong leader who can bind the nation together and not indulge in activities that tarnish the image of this Islamist nation.


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