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April 20, 2007 / Mridul

Not The Gun Laws, Its In The American Culture

The root cause of the recent Virginia Tech killings lies in the American culture itself. Harsher gun laws might not be the answer to such horrific incidents.

America, more than any other country, has a long list of shooting incidents at educational institutions. And America also has some of the most lenient gun laws in the world. Its not that in other countries people do not buy guns, they do & most of them illegally but in America keeping arms has become a culture, its like a bare necessity.

Take India, for instance, in the naxal hit eastern states many people possess arms they either buy them at very low price or make them at home. Stories about hand-made pistols often pop-up on the news channels. But still India doesn’t have a history of violence in educational institutions.

Last year Virginia Technical University thought about allowing professors & students to carry a weapon with them to make feel more secure. Secure from what? Is the security situation in America so terrible that students have to carry arms when they go to college? If this is the case then education system in other countries is much better, even if there is lack of infrastructure at least there isn’t a security problem.

Hunting is another problem. Just why would you encourage hunting as a sport? In America hunting has become a weekend time pass with even the Vice President having a go at it (even though he had a disastrous experience).

This has been a long standing problem for the American society and the politicians have long ignored it. It’s time now for the American people to sacrifice some of their pleasures in order to secure a better future for their children.


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