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February 21, 2007 / Mridul

iPhone Puts LG, Samsung In Panic Mode

The exhibition of the Prada at the 3GSM World Congress by LG Electronics is a valiant and desperate attempt by the company to get close to what has been described as the most anticipated electronic gadget in years, the iPhone. Samsung Electronics too showcased the F520 which it believes would give competition to Apple’s iPhone. These moves by the two consumer electronics giants show that Apple’s new star has become a threat to their sales & profits even before it is released.

Everybody knew that Apple was developing a revolutionary gadget for sometime now, but there was no news at all suggesting that LG, Samsung or any other handset maker was also developing something of the sort. LG and Samsung quite hastily stepped up with these phones which they believe would be able to compete with the iPhone. But they might be wrong.

The handset makers would find it tough to compete with the iPhone as did the music player giants with the iPod. It’s true that iPod is not the best music player in the market and the consumers have much better choices, but it was the first of its kind. iPod is easy to use, no hassles involved and no heavy software to slow it down. Likewise, the iPhone too, is the first of its kind. A large multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi enabled, a nice camera, embedded with Google Maps, in-build widgets, a one-button navigational key and on top of that it doubles as an iPod. The design it’s quite new and never thought or seen before.

It’s true that we’ll be seeing a phone much superior and better than the iPhone but it has features which make it exceptional from even the very best of the smartphones. Majority of the smartphones run on the Windows Mobile Edition or the Symbian OS. Now even the people who have never had a PC know that the Windows is the most vulnerable among all the operating systems which power the world’s computers. Every other day we get to hear about a new flaw in the Windows OS. The recently launched and ever growing N-Series range too is facing similar problems. The Symbian which runs it is highly prone to viruses. The OS is quite heavy too and makes the phones to hang frequently.

Well no problem with the iPhone though. Runs on OS X. The Apple’s this star product is attracting more and more new customers. Even its arch rivals (Microsoft) have also tried to replicate it in their new products (Vista). Not too heavy and requiring a modest hardware configuration, OS X is becoming increasingly popular even with the oldest of the Windows devotees. iPhone will prove to be the point of attraction to the large number of Windows users worldwide who want to get the taste of the Apple’s operating system.

Just like the iPod, iPhone too might help Steve Jobs to scale the heights of success that neither he nor anybody else has seen yet.


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