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January 11, 2007 / Mridul

iPhone: Call It The "Nokia-Killer"

With the entry of the new Apple phone in the market, it is almost certain that the market share of Nokia will slide further. The much-awaited Apple phone is packed with features that Nokia couldn’t provide even in its high-end multimedia packed N-Series. And with analysts forecasting that more & more users will switch to the Mac OS in 2007, it seems that Steve Jobs is ready to make history again as he did with the iPod.

The phone has awesome features. A large screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2-megapixel camera, direct calling through Google Earth, a Safari mobile web browser, sizeable internal memory and it’s also an iPod. The market leader, Nokia, could not give the consumers these features. Although Nokia has been on the top for such a long time, it still hasn’t produced a ‘complete phone’. Apple, on the other hand, has hit the nail in first go.

Nokia released a battery of phones in its N-Series segment but it simply failed in efficient marketing and promotion of their product. Apple’s new phone gained popularity merely on the basis of rumors and false images of the phone which flooded the internet, the employees of the marketing & promotions departments at Apple didn’t have much of a job to do.

Apple’s phone is arguably the world’s most awaited techno product as it even left behind last years superhits, Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii. Nokia, which is still trying to work out a way to match the amazing MotoRazr, will now be completely overwhelmed by Apple’s new jewel. Now that’s called a “Nokia-Killer”.

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